Gun damage

Noah McMoney 3 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 4

I wanted to know if I can make gun damage with variable or conditions but without the shooter module?

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The action which will be inside on shot received, you can define the damage you deal with variable or hard coded value, you can even put a condition before the action to check the same . What exactly you mean why without shooter module ?

well because the shooter module doesn’t work for me, it’s very buggy, I contacted game creator people for this, I have a top notch pc with a great graphics card and everything. 

Without the shooter module with unity scripts you can, but not sure if you can just use GC without shooter module to get the results will work. 

What exactly isn't working for you ? I made a lot of silly mistakes when i started out with GC. I suggest check tutorial or when you can encounter any problem try searching keywords in this forum, you might find similar problem if it exists with other Devs and solution.

Cause for now the shooter module works fine for me, i have a fairly medium spec PC.


Not sure I remember your issue with the Shooter module, but I don't think it is resource intensive. Works fine on mobile games and there's 0 critical memory allocations and everything is cached.

Answering your question, in order to deal damage, you can either use Local Variables or the Stats module. As for "when" to use these Actions, is up to how you set up your shooting mechanics in your custom implementation.