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Area of Effect Attacks

Navarro Family 3 months ago in Game Creator updated 4 weeks ago 2

Hello anyone,

I'm just wondering if anyone has done this yet, and how they are doing it?

My game is muliplayer. 

My Idea was, when you press the trigger key, a Sphere collider would add players that enter it to a list variable.

And then whatever my effects were, would apply to everything in the list.

But then I would always get myself, because I'm assuming we would all be "Players" in the list. 

So NOW my idea is to get a Doughnut shaped Mesh, and make a doughnut Mesh collider for AOEs.

So you, the invoker, would be in the center of the Doughnut, and not in the collider list.

If anyone is accomplishing this cleaner, or if there's a tutorial that I'm missing, I'd appreciate the nudge in the right direction. 

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Another thing you could try is using the "Gather components By Distance" (not sure if you're using it to fill the list). The player will always be in the first position (0) because it's the closest to himself. So you can start dealing damage from the second position onward.

Hey, I totally missed this reply, My Doughnut Mesh collider worked though lol

but your idea sounds like a real solution, and not just a work around.

I'm going to test it out this weekend and post my results.

Thanks again.