Advanced (Multi Ingredient) Crafting System (Scripts Inside)

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This system will allow for an ARK like crafting system using GC items.

I'm going to make a Custom inspector for this system so it looks better, but it works 100% 

so I thought I'd get it out there because I've noticed lots of people wanting this feature.

If the actual Devs want to use my code, or method in an update, that's perfectly fine.  In fact, anyone feel free to expand on this idea, or make it cleaner looking. Just let me know so I can download it too haha.

Sorry for my toddler son yelling about his game in the background of the tutorial video, and lack of screen capture device, but it's a quick easy setup, so it should be fine.

I'd like to add this to the HUB, but I'm not sure how,  Anyways, more GC hacks soon.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

This is awesome! This would perfectly fit the Hub, so feel free to add it. If you have problems uploading it, here's how to do it:

- First you need to enroll as Publisher. You can do that going to the top-right corner on the Hub and choose "Settings".

- Scroll a bit until you see your "Role" and change it to Publisher.

- Now, if you scroll further down, you'll see a new Section called "Packages". You can create a new package by clicking the "new" button and fill in the information.

- There's a section where you can upload a .unitypackage built from Unity, containing the scripts you posted above.

Once you do, let me know and I can tweet about it. Thanks and awesome work!



Thank you for the instructions on the Hub, and for the compliment on my work.  It's up on the hub and ready to go!

I'm going to make a twitter tonight so I can follow.

Let me know your username when you do so I can properly credit you :-) https://twitter.com/catsoftstudios/status/1273157907744514048


@LieutenantCatCo    Thats my new Twitter!

Thanks a bunch for posting it up there :)

No problem :-) Thank you for the awesome tool!