Weapon Position in Hand Different On Model

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Is this normal? But when I change the model for the characters, the weapon doesn't fit the hand. It's set perfectly on the default character, but adding new models, they are off.

Is this normal? I thought the position where the hand would be for Point A was supposed to be where the hand was to attach, and this would be consistent for all models.

How do I solve this?

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I found the same problem, I think my weapon starting position was defaulted to the other had, Easiest way to change the starting position i found is pause in play mode, and copy transform component.
I hope that helps, I'm still figuring it all out as well! 
Good Luck !


Once you start the game , pause it.

Click on your weapon in the scene mode and adjust the weapon as you want it to be.

Once you feel your weapon position looks perfect, copy the components to 3D MODEL section in your weapon object, i.e prefab position values and prefab rotation values.

This will without doubt give you the perfect result.

First of all - thanks for your comments.  They led me to finding the solution for the same problem.  I had been copying the transform from the adjusted position determined through the pause method described above.  Much to my dismay the when I drew the weapon it ignored the values in the prefab.  What I determined (although may be someplace I didn't see) is that the Weapon Model Offsets in the  

ALWAYS (even when zero) over ride the transform of the weapon prefab 

You need to copy the transform values into the offset values here:  

Life is good.


Glad to hear you solved it. I'm closing this thread then :-)

Hi. Yes, that works. But I'm worried if that will not be universal with different characters. I'll make a new thread should I have such problems.