muzzle flash lags behind the muzzle of the gun

ryubi 3 months ago in Shooter updated 3 months ago 5


the muzzle flash lags behind the muzzle of the gun during fast movement and rotation.

is there an easy fix to this?


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You could instantiate the effect from within the Weapon model itself using a On Shoot Trigger. That way you can parent the particle effect on the weapon.

do you have any plans to make this part of the shooter module?

because i would think this is pretty essential.

the muzzle flash should always be parented to the model itself, no?

i can't think of a reason why it shouldn't.

also, when i set this up, i am able to instantiate a mesh but not fx.

i can instantiate say a cube, but when i try to instantiate the revolver muzzle, it won't show

can you check this pls


Instantiating a cube is the same as a particle effect. Simply use the Instantiate and drop in a prefab with your particle effect playing as soon as it gets instantiated. If you want to scratch performance, you could even use the "Instantiate from Pool"

I'll see if I can add this, but it's not really high on our priority list and will take time just to assess whether it makes sense. Without having put much thought into it, you usually want the rocket launcher's smoke to stick where the bast come from, and not follow the muzzle of the bazooka. This would look very unnatural.

hmm.. i wonder what it can be. i'm dropping in a prefab with the fx and it won't instantiate. but if i do the same thing with a mesh, it instantiates. lemme play with it a little bit and try to figure out where the problem lies.