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"Turn Speed" condition not triggering in Animator Controller.

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Hi. Observing the animator controller, I've noticed the "TurnSpeed" condition does not trigger in the animator controller.

And, of course, the animations do not trigger. So, the character never pivots. 

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Angular Speed is the amount of angles per second the character can rotate. Try changing the value to something like 360 (an entire round in a second) and the Player input to "Tank Control".


how would i implement the turn pivot with a directional player input from a top down camera.

player is idle,

rotate the mouse around so the player turns

and i want to implement the pivot animation.


Chose the Input Directional for the Player Input and then, under Advanced Properties, where it says Face Direction, select Ground Plane Cursor. That should do it :-)

yea, those are my current settings.

the turn animation is not working while i do an idle turn.

it works on the tank tho.

perhaps its the script?

if so, which script would i need to change?


When a character faces an object it doesn't have any turn animations, because it will always keep facing that object. Can you post a video if that's not what you mean? 


i've been trying to get a solution for this also!

i know it works in tank mode but i need it in regular directional input type


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The TurnPivot is a float (not a trigger) that goes from -1 to 1, depending on the direction the character rotates in-situ. It does seem to work fine on our end. With Directional controls, make a character move towards the opposite direction in which it's facing. You'll see that there are a few milliseconds in which the character barely moves from position but is rotating. This is the contribution of the TurnSpeed.

If you have a video capture of what you think is wrong will greatly help.

here's a video to illustrate my point.




here is a video to illustrate my point.



By Design

This is, at the moment, a "By Design" feature. let me explain: In order to make a character rotate, we'd need to create multiple animations running at different speeds to make the rotation match the speed at which the character rotates. However, this pivoting has to happen instantaneously, or you would shoot at a place where the crosshair is pointing at.

So the rotation of the character when using the "Aim Direction" doesn't have an animation. I'll looking for a proper way to animate the character without a delay, but simply adding an animation made it look worse than this.

I changed the way the camera and controls of the character works. So, the issue I had no longer applies. Thanks for taking a look, though.