Inventory - Any deeper tutorial coming soon ?

Dornano 4 months ago in Inventory updated 4 months ago 2

I hope you won't feel offended by this question, but is there any deeper tutorial or documentation update coming soon regarding the Inventory module?

I tried to figure out how it works, I managed to do some basic stuff (add an item to the inventory, change the appearance of the default inventory...), but for the biggest part, I have no idea where I should find/modify/set up things. Kind of frustrating, 'cause I know it's a great and very powerful tool.

For instance:

-I don't understand exactly how are connected the Inventory UI, the Item UI and the items themselves.

-I have issues when I want to display an item description on mouse over. Right now I managed to do that, but my description is too long and the font is too small. I would like the background image to fit automatically to the length of the text. So I've found this topic:


But when I put the Text description from the Item UI, ingame it's displaying the description of the preferences settings. At this moment, I was like: "I didn't get how this thing is working". ^^;

-Can I put a counter to some items (like medikit or bullets) but not to other items (like unique keys or unique quest items)?

Stuff like that. Can you help me? ^^;

Unity version:
Game Creator version:


you might want to check out RVR's youtube channel if you haven't already.


this has been a great help to me so far!

Thanks ryubi ! ^^ Yeah of course I know this channel, very useful. But his inventory tutorials are more RPG-like.The inventory I want to do is a way more simple. The by default template is almost perfect for me, I just need to change 2 or 3 things as I said in my first message.

In the future I would also like to add a gamepad control, but this is another battle x)