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"can see" no longer works at all.

markusrgb 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 5

ok, i'm a bit confused. i thought the problem with the "can see" function was fixed now. i downloaded version 1.1.8 GC from the Unity store and now i have to realize that the "can see" function has no function at all. i also started an empty project and tested it with a cube. no matter if i use "can see" or "can not see" no condition is fulfilled and therefore no action is executed.

if i use the old "can see" function from the Unity Hub it works at least in 80% of the cases. it doesn't matter if the cube touches the ground or not, the result is the same. see the attached photos: 

Unity version:
Game Creator version:
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The Can See function works on our end. Looks like you have multiple conditions and this can blur the problem. Try creating a simple scene and a simple Condition that checks if the player can see a cube.

We tried it in our end and everything works.

Hello Marti,

as described above (including the last 2 pictures) I tested the whole thing in a new empty scene -> and it does not work! ;) 

I used the "Can See" feature listed in the "Senses" category.

The problem is that none of the conditions are fulfilled. Can see and can not see.

I have also tested if the trigger works -> the trigger works. Without "Can see" or "Can Not See" I always get a debug log back.

If I use the "Can See" function (Sense) against the old one from the GC Hub it works, but only to 80%.

Narrow objects (like a door frame) are not recognized here:

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In order to "see" an object you need that object to have a collider. So if you try to check if you can see a door frame, either it doesn't have a collider or the collider surrounds the frame, leaving an empty space inside.

Either case will fail. The Can See condition raycasts against the center of the object. If there's nothing to collide with, it will simply return there's nothing to be seen.