Will the traversal module include support for moving platforms?

Einar 4 months ago in Traversal updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

It's all in the subject really. Moving platforms can be a bit fiddly when solved with trigger-collisions, and keeping the combined momentum of the player and the platform when exiting its trigger is also not easily done in Game Creator (as far as I know). An official solution as part of the traversal module would be much appreciated (perhaps even with support for hanging on ledges etc).

Of course, the whole concept of moving platforms can be a bit silly, but it is nonetheless a staple of videogaming.

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This a bit difficult to answer. Game Creator uses the Character Controller that doesn't support moving platforms out of the box. I'm looking into a solution that doesn't rely on reparenting the character onto the floor so it inherits the velocity of a moving platform (I never liked this work around).

The other thing that makes this a bit difficult is that using a nav mesh. A navmesh is baked onto the scene, so it can't move around with other obstacles.

I'll try to think of something. for example, right now a climbable ledge does not support moving ledges, but this might be possible to add.