Can we add this option to the "Change camera" Action ?

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When we change camera within a trigger, can we have an option to keep the movement input that the Player pressed in order to step in the trigger ?

It's a bit hard to explain, it's better to "feel" it by playing yourself, so here is a short video where I try to enter in a trigger with a "Change camera" Action (with no transition) :

Change camera issue.mp4

The fixed camera is looking at the Player. To step in the trigger, I must move forward. But as soon as I touch the trigger and the camera has changed, movements are like reversed (because of the new point of view) and my moving forward becomes a turning back, so I exit the trigger.

When the camera switch to the fixed camera, I would like him to remember I was moving forward, and let me keep going on the same direction (because I'm still pressing this key after all). And then, as soon as I release my moving key, he could "forget" and change the direction input to this new fixed camera point of view. That's how many adventure games are doing, when they have fixed cameras.

(I know I could get a smoother effect by adding a transition time, but in that case the camera often go throught objects and walls, and it's not the same movie-like effect I'm looking for)

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Yeah I don't like this either. I have been looking at other video games at how they handle this situation. Some keep the player moving while the directional axis are being pressed. Others keep the movement unless there's a ~20 degree change in direction.

I'm still looking for an elegant way to handle this. Because for example, if the camera smoothly transitions to another motor, the initial direction shouldn't be preserved, as the human eye can keep track of the camera movement. However, if the change is instantaneous, it should. But what happens when the transition lasts for very few seconds?

I like this topic has been brought and would like to further discuss it. If you have any solution ideas, I'm open to discuss them.

I'm glad to see you noticed it too ^^

Well, the camera changing was very popular in the PSone era, and since most of player movement was tank mode at that time, it was not an issue. but some of these games allowed the player to change to a directional controls, and I noticed they've managed the cameras as you said: they keep the player moving his way, until he changes his direction, as soon as he changes the joystick inclination. But we can let the GC user choose an inclination degree max within which the direction is not changed?

For the no transition or very short transition case, it works fine, and I don't see better solution.

And for the case where there is a transition time, well, for me there is no other solution too: when the camera is slowly changing, I think the direction must be changed as soon as the transition begins, not at the end of the transition, not in the middle of it, it would sounds weird and random.

I don't see in which cases it could go wrong with this solution?


The thing is that I don't like the idea of adding specific code for certain types of movement, because this produces less maintainable code. In this case, the Directional direction would have a unique event that would capture when a camera changes instantaneously and wouldn't update the character direction unless the change in the direction is higher than a certain threshold.

However, I understand this would greatly benefit the controls. I'm updating the ticket with this and I'll circle back when I start working on it with news.


Oh ok, yeah I understand the issue about specific code. But well, I've been working in game design, and honestly, I don't see better solution so far for that.

Anyway, thanks for your review, good luck !