sheathing, swopping weapons

Sam Leitch 4 months ago in Shooter updated 4 months ago 2

I can't swop between weapons more then one time.

Say for instance i have two guns. Equip one, fine. Equip the second gun, fine. Now i cant equip the other gun again. They both have The standard little equip E on the image in the invantory as if both equipped.

Holstering and then drawing again bring out the standard revolver from the factory game creator guns list. Which is not in my game. Other guns still both show as equipped in the invantory.

I used RVRs videos again to be able to equip both guns and melee. So a sheath, wait then equip on guns & a holster, wait then draw for melee.

I was having an issue where both a gun and a sword were being equipped at the same time but that has been rectified 

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If both weapons appear as equipped in the Inventory probably means that you're equipping them in different slots. For example, if you equip WeaponA on HandLeft, it will pull that weapon. If you equip WeaponB on HandRight it will change the currently equipped weapon from the Shooter/Melee module, but the Inventory won't register a change, because WeaponA is still equipped on HandLeft.

So to fix this, equip all weapons on the same Item Type. This way, when you equip a new weapon, the previous one will be unequipped in the Inventory.

Hope this helps!

Worked a charm. Thank you!