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Character uncontrolable - turns and faces camera

Sam Leitch 4 months ago in Game Creator updated 4 months ago 3

I'm making a fps game, using the fps camera. 

I have an issue where my character around ten minutes or so into it just turns around and faces the wrong direction. Aims the gun the wrong way and when i look down towards the feet i can see the model is walking backwards. 

As i rotate around it does not rotate the model properly. As i aim its fine for around 1 second then the gun moves back to within the camera and fires into the ground. If i dont touch anything the models slowly rotates.

This issue only started happening recently. I first noticed it happening when i'm near certain set of enemies. Otherwise i cant get it to flip out. It stays this way for the remainder of the playthrough.

Do you have recommendation for video capture software so i can show what the issue looks like?

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Alrighty, process of elimination.

Had eight guys in a mansion 5 quests into my game.

Turned each on of them off in turn and played through. 

One random guy, just another duplication of my standard EnemyAI was the cause. Nothing special about him. Just broke the game.

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It's hard to imagine, so yeah, a video would greatly help us narrow down the problem. If you use a mac you can use Quicktime or Cmd+Shift+5 to record your screen. For PC, I guess you can use OBS or StreamLabs OBS (the latter one is easier to use and also free).

I will save and add this guy back in and ill try get this Streamlabs i think.

Thanks again