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Dialogue feature suggestions : lines id / numbering

Dany 4 months ago in Dialogue updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 3

Hi, I want to suggest that lines id / number to be added in the inspector, because having some choice group with no text content is available, jumping back to that choices is hard to manage because the jump to list only show the choices texts. Would love to have the line Id too. 

My work around for now is to add some random text in that choice group first, then select the jump to that random text, then delete the text later.

Can't say enough of how much I love for your work, love you guys, and thank you for making game creator.


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Under review

That's actually a very good idea! A customizable ID so it makes sense in your Dialogue. It's not top priority, but is a very nice addition and would make it o much easier to use the Jump To, because you wouldn't have all messages in a single dropdown (which can go in the magnitude of a thousand).



Hi Marti, Thanks for replying back, I know you're busy with other module. But I've been experimenting with the dialogue module and I found quite a lot of things that can be improved. Is it ok if I put other suggestions here, in this post ?


Yes, please do :-) But would you mind doing it in a separate thread? I already set this thread for the Tags idea. If you have multiple suggestions, you can put them all in a thread with "Dialogue Suggestion". That way I can link the Kanban to all these.