problems with the character controller?

Stanislav 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 5

maybe the question is stupid, but I can’t understand why NPCs are so bounced from the player. on all character controller and kinematics. same thing with potions. The player did not immediately take it, but first kicked it. Although the trigger is in the on player enter position.

Unity version:
Unity 2018.4.22f1 (64-bit)
Game Creator version:

On your pickup you have a rigidbody.

You could disable that when you enter the trigger but it still looks wrong.

So we use a trick

You are using a trigger  onPlayerEnter

Then these actions

- Enable Component, you set to disable MeshRenderer

- Item, Add 1 

- wait 0.1

- Destroy object 

or instead of using destroy you would set active as false and Pool your pickups. pool is better than destroying objects. Less expensive. 

thank! I am more concerned about why the NPC behaves this way?

Not sure. I cannot even reproduce what is happenning in your video

It's fine with my Characters.

Have you tried with a brand new character in  the scene. and check your actions and triggers again.


I dealt with this problem, there was a collider on the player, which I did not mistakenly trigger


Happy to hear you managed to figure this out :-)