First Person mouse position problem

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I am trying to use first person perspective for the camera.  I have created a player and then a camera motor and set the camera motor to First Person Camera.  I can navigate fine I have created buttons to act as triggers but it is very difficult to position the mouse pointer over the trigger because the mouse pointer has to be moved off the scene window to get the scene in the right position. When I try to position the mouse over the button, the scene moves the button out of the way.  If I play enough with it I can get it to work but this is not user-friendly. In the Camera motor settings I have played with the Sensitivity and max Pitch and Smooth rotation with no happiness. Is there a way to have the camera move in a one to one correspondence with the mouse?  I know there is probably a simple fix but it eludes me at the moment.

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The Action Cursor

and option cursor lock

...sorry where is that setting? - I tried the Action: cursor and then locked the cursor on start but that didn't work (the cursor disappeared).  I have to be able to see the cursor so I can put it on the trigger.

... I still haven't figured this out - the mouse overshoots the actual screen position so any attempts to click on a desired point in 3D space is very difficult.

In the Unity editor, this is very frustrating to do any testing in game mode.  I do note that this problem is not as bad in runtime versions but is still an issue - interestingly, the html 5 runtime version movement is actually more of a one to one correspondence.


When you lock the cursor on the screen, the cursor stops behaving as such. This is something I neither like, but it's how Unity decided to code this (or maybe comes from the OS).

Regardless, you'll need to display an Image at the center of the screen to show the cursor. Also, for Triggers, you'll need to use the "On Cursor Raycast" because On Click Triggers do not respond to locked cursors.


Good to know how to do this. ... I will probably live with it the way it is.