Arcane Quest/Hero Quest Type RPG Board Game

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Hi, noob here. I'm learning Unity in order to be able to create an Arcane Quest (Hero Quest) type RPG board game with dice Asset Store Link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nex.xquest1&hl=en_US 

I understand this is a big undertaking but I am willing (and am) putting in the hours to learn how to produce this. I've purchased Game Creator (and modules). My question, before I go too deep into GC, is whether it is possible to create a game such as this using CG, or is it better to go the programming/alternative template route. 


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If you have the graphics you can create something like that in GC. Not sure how you would do the grids, most probibaly with markers and move to actions,  but you could just use a seperate grid 

asset for that.

It is a lot of work and you really need the nice UI graphics and props. Making that yourself would kill you unless you are already a designer or have the money for the asset store or know someone who will help you.

But making that in GC would cover just about everything in GC and GC has a lot to offer.  So if you do make it, then you will be a genius in all aspects of GC and modules. 

Good Luck and have fun

Hahaha Fantastic! Genius I am not - but I'm definitely willing to learn. Three main issues I can see will be integrating dice throw, highlighting tiles that the player can move and pathfinder navigation. Here goes. Thank you - see you in a couple of years!!!!!!


Dice and Navmesh are not going to be your biggest headache. That is actually quite easy.

Your biggest problem is going to be getting anything finished.

So if you are starting out with Unity then learn your Editor and your shortckuts.

Don’t buy loads of assets unless you really need them to polish your project or unless it’s your hobby like me to collect assets. Believe me you need very little from the asset store to make a fully working game, even if it is just coloured blocks at the end and then you buy what you need to polish up your game.

Start with something small and realistic that you can finish and do that many times until you can plan a bigger project. Write everything down before you even start.

And let people test your game right from the start during your development and take all the feedback you can get. Important! Sit back and watch them play your game, you will realize why.

Make a website showing people what game you are making and get brainstorming. They will write loads and they will be excited and want to play your game.

Don’t bury yourself just behind the computer, set yourself limits on how many hours you will spend learning and making your games. You still have friends, family and a life. Don’t burn yourself out like many do.

It is a long journey and it should be fun. If it is not fun, then do something else.

Brilliant information. Truly appreciated mate!!! Thank you. You're completely right. It's not my day job and I definitely want this to be fun. You should pin this as the mantra for all newcomers! Best of luck with all your endeavours too. 


I'm closing this thread. Thanks Eagleeyz!