Custom String Variable Actions and Conditions

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I am using these scripts from Niall Edwards.  

I have a Global Variable as a number

I have an InputField that saves a local variable to an object.  

I add an ActionValueOfStringAsInt action component to the InputField.  

At the bottom of the InputField I have the Local Variable updating to the object.  

So the InputField changes the string variable, but I can't seem to make the string save to the Global number variable.

Am I doing this backwards?

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Unfortunately I am not familiar enough with Niall's Actions to answer. Maybe contact him and ask him directly? He usually hangs out from time to time on the Discord channel.

Where did you find ActionValueOfStringAsInt? It is not in Niall's actions.

And what is it you are exactly wanting to do?

Do you just want to type in a number in a text field and then 

save it as a number instead of a string?

I found it in Custom Number Variable Actions and Conditions.

Plugins - GameCreatorHub - Variables - Numbers

Awesome little action.  It allows a String to Value as Integer and spits out a Resultant Number as a Global or Local variable.  I couldn't find one to go back to a string though.

Hey, thanks for this. yes it is Awesome.

I did try and reverse it and did post it here, but it was wrong.

I will try again tomorrow. It was a little conffusing for me and it looked easy to change.