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Blendshape function doesn't work

Estigio97 1 year ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 1 year ago 6

Hello, I ask this few days ago, but I did not receive an answer. How can I use a Blendshape of a mesh through BlendShape action of your pluging? Because I tried it with the only existing option and it doesn't work when executed.

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And could you remove the time limit? If I want to do a MMORPG and I want to put a character editor on my game, this limit is a very big problem for me.

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I just tested this and should work fine. You're using as the input of the Blend Shape a Local Variable called "Happy". What's the value of this variable?

Try using a value instead of a variable first. To do so, click where it says "Use Local Variable" and change it to "Value". Then, type in the name of the Blend Shape you want to modify.

Not sure what you mean by time limit though. Could you further elaborate?

I've tried putting the name instead of the Variable, and it doesn't work either.

Regarding the "time limit", I was referring to the "duration", which I have assumed refers to the duration of the "Blend Shape", although I can be wrong and mean the duration of the Blend Shape transition.

Not a bug

Correct, the duration is the transition time it takes to go from the current blend shape's weight to the new one. As for the Blend Shape not working, by the looks of your screenshot, it seems you're trying to change the blend shape of your 3D model. This won't work, since the 3D model is not in the scene. You need to reference the object in the scene, not the one in your Project Panel

I've tried and still doesn't work.

Give me a example then.

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There isn't much to show. You need to have a SkinnedMesh Renderer with Blend Shapes. You then use the Action Blend Shape to change its weight.

Consider posting a screenshot of the simplest configuration and we'll review what's wrong; without using Local Variables. These add unnecessary complexity and it's easier to narrow down the problem.