Action transform scale?

dvr 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Greg Madison 2 months ago 12

There is a Transform move & rotate, but no scale? There is a plain transform, but this do not have any Target Space or Ease functions

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Sorry but whats the solution to this?

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The Action Pack 1 for Game Creator has a Move by distance with ease functions, and return to original position. 

I will add rotate to the Action in the next update.

Hope this helps.

Wonderful, I look forward to the update as I bought the action pack as well.



Thanks, this feels like very basic and feels should have been part of GC itself

The GC core actually does have Transform Move, Transform Rotate, They work extremely well but they are by co-ordinates. 

I used them for elevators, I would create a second elevator without a renderer, and move with easing to game object. Worked well, but I added the Object move by Distance and with return timer to add even more functional to Game Creator. Gives you, the developer, more options. 

I will also look at adding an Object Scale Action with Easing. Sounds like a useful tool, not sure what you would use it for.

you could use it for many things like

scale smaller then bigger with easing (pulsating pickup like a heart)

I was trying to do a scale up when an user clicks an object to show the selection. I can do this in GC core, but it looked a bit lacking without an accompanying ease


Pulsating Heart!. I like that. Okay.....next update ;)

Hey ! It is still planed?
I agree , this is a really important feature for interactions and VR. For example when you have something that you can interact with, like an handle, you want a smooth scale up to draw attention, and a scale down on grab. Right now I have to use Dotween all the time and call it with a method :\


These Scale features were added to Action Pack 1 sometime ago.

The VR Module is still work in progress.


Awesome !

Also, even without the VR module I use Game Creator for all my VR prototypes. It's time saving <3