Other Animations Causing Character To Float?

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So, for some reason, when I use imported animations from the Unity Asset store, the player character is floating. However, the base animations and model that come with game maker are fine. How can I fix this? Is it some root motion thing? Or can I easily just change the import settings somehow?

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UPDATE: It looks like it's got something to do with the Root Transformation Pose (Y) of animations. When I change that to .1, it seems to touch the ground just fine. Weird thing is, it looks like this is for all imported animations. Is there some way to fix this? Or change the values in a better way than going through each individual animation?

Tell me an example of an asset that you have from the store and I will take a look.


Yeah, I had the same issue with some of my imported characters, but not all. Maybe it's coming from the height of your character, I don't know...

But anyway, yes, you can change the Root transformation pose Y. usually, I change the "Based Upon" to "Feet". Same goes with the orientation just above, when I have weird legs dance on an imported animation.

I mostly use Kubolds Assets, for example, his Longsword Animset Pro: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/animations/longsword-animset-pro-92239

I can edit the Root Transformation pose for *some* individual animations, but it seems with these ones I can't? Maybe I'm missing something? Also, it just turns into a nuisance for me when I'm having to go through every animation, and was wondering if there was a quick fix through Game Creator, or some kind of import settings modification I could make to adjust for all animations, as the default Game Creator animations work fine... no floating. Maybe a collisions box thing?

Thank you for the replies though. I'll continue to mess with stuff and see if I can get it to work.

Hi, I have the Kubold movement asset and had a look at it. Unfortunatly it looks like the animations all have root baked in and you cannot use that with GC. Usualy with Fbx you can select and copy the animation and switch off root and adjust other settings but here I see nothing here meaning baked root.

However there is a root motion movement script in the hub. I'll give that a go and get back here.

But as you cannot set the root transforms this could prove a problem. Maybe someone else has an idea.


This here could also be a useful asset. I actually own this but have not yet tried it out.

So I will also take a look at what this can do with many of my animations.


And I also have uMotion from the same author which I do use and it is brilliant.

Thank you! Any luck? If so I'll go ahead and grab the asset.

had a bit much to do today, but I will take a look in the morning. Well actually in a couple of hours now.

No worries! And thank you for taking the time to respond.


Good news. But first about the animator converter. It is very good but not for what we are wanting to do here. The converter is for converting Humanoid to generic and legacy and the other way round but not humanoid to humanoid. So the converter is brilliant if you have like loads of legacy animations and want to use them on humanoids or the other way.

Now to our problem getting the root transforms.

If you take a look at this video (and don’t bother as it will make you crazy) you will see how stupidly complicated it can be. So do not follow this video, there is a much easier way.


BUT I found a very easy way to do this.

The solution is actually in one of the comments.

  • its just worked after copy to another folder into unity and generating the humanoid rig again in 2018.4.9 to me worked just easy... thanks anyways , and thanks god! lol

I am going to make a video. I’ll have time to do that in 2 hours from now and I’ll post it here..


I made this for YouTube as well

Sweet! Thank you so much! I really do appreciate it! Thank you for taking the time to answer in depth like this, it is much appreciated. You rock!


Woah Eagleeyez! Thank you so much for this!