Time Between Jumps Issue

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I'm making a platform game and have an issue with the time between jumps option. If you make a character and set their jump times to 1 and then set the time between jumps to anything less than 0.3 the character will still be able to double jump in the air sometimes if you press the jump button fast enough. 

I want the platforming to be very precise, but if i have to set the time between jumps to 0.3 then the player won't feel like they have full control over it.

Is there a way around this or is this issue known?


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Thanks, but the issue comes from when i want the character to double jump after collecting a power up. I need that time between jumps to be set to 0 for it to feel good and precise. 

There isn't an option to manipulate time between jumps, You can only change in the character property can jump, jump force and jump times.

In the action Character properties you can just about set all jump options, run and gravity  but time between jumps is not available. I think it should be, so I would say that it is missing from the character properties.

The Action is called change properties

Yeah, the option not being there greatly hurts platforming games. Hopefully there is a work around or an update in the future. 

Under review

Not sure I fully understand this. As far as I know, jumping is available as soon as the player touches the ground and resets the jump chain to zero.

Adding time between jumps wouldn't make much sense apart from double jumping (which is already exposed), since it would depend on both if the character is grounded, and has passed enough time since the last jump.

That's how i thought it was meant to work, but if you spam the button jump is assigned to quickly, he will still double jump. I tested this out in a new scene with only a floor, player and camera just to make sure it wasn't to do with any of my coding and i got the same results.

With these settings you can still make the player double jump on his way up into the air. It seems like there is a very short window of time where it is possible. 


That's because you set the "Time-Between Jumps" set to zero. I'll check this out, since it's a very stretched edge case, but could be that the jump is registered the next frame the "Space" key is pressed. This means that if still have one frame to do a jump where it has not yet registered the first jump.

Simply add a value of 0.1 and you're good to go.