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I noticed the action "Gather Untagged by distance to Player" is not documented. It contains a "list variables" field that I am not sure what to do with. 

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Gather Object Tags By Distance

To Test:

  1. Create a Trigger in your scene On key down G

Add an action Gather Object Tags By Distance

  • with tag = value
  • Value = Untagged or whatever you are looking for
  • Origin = Player
  • Radius = 20 or what you want
  • List Variable = Game Object.

Now you can create a List in your scene or a list in your project.

For a scene List click on your trigger that you just made so it is highlighted in your hierarchy and then in the scene on the GC toolbar click create List. Now you have a list under your trigger. Make sure that is set to gameObject and drag this list into your Gather Object Tags By Distance field next to the field gameObject.


Now when you press play and press G key those object will appear in your list.

To create a project file list look next to the list variable field in your Gather Object Tags By Distance. That is next to where you just dropped your previous scene list.

Click on the little magnifier / search icon and now you can create a list in your project instead of your scene. Save that somewhere sensible.

And drag that Project list variable file to the list variable field in your gather objects by tag action



Thanks Eagleeyez for the detailed answer :-)

thankyou eagleeyez. Much appreciate.