Unity XR Interaction Toolkit - XR Controller Button Event Trigger

marjohloo 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 2

I created I new trigger (attached) for use with Unity's new(ish) XR Interaction Toolkit to react to XR Controller button events if it is of any use to anybody.


It is generating the following error (but seems to run quite happily) as I know nothing about the EventSystem I'm wondering if anyone can provide pointers to tidy this run-time error up. I'm assuming the error is raised from GameCreator's EventSystemManager.cs with the Destroy(EventSystem) call. I believe the XR Interaction Toolkit makes use of the/an EventSystem for its button handling.


Can't remove EventSystem (Script) because XRUIInputModule (Script), XRUIInputModule (Script), XRUIInputModule (Script) depends on it

As a follow on question I'm aware that a GameCreator VR module is in development, does anyone know which toolkit that is being developed to work with?

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Just to add with the following line from the OnCreate() function in EventSystemManager.cs commented out the error goes away.

// if (eventSystem != null) Destroy(eventSystem);

Is this something that ought to be destroyed, it seems to run and play nice when it isn't?


Happy to hear you fixed this. The VR module is being developed by Paul. Maybe he can give you more details. Not sure if he'll be able to see this (I can't ping people here), but you can ask him directly on his Discord channel