forum etiquette

ryubi 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 2


i was just wondering if it's bad form/etiquette to jump onto other people's forums.

because i'm on here a lot.

because i figure other people might have same issues i'm having.

and while browsing, i see questions that i've had answered or similar issues that i want to jump on to.


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The forum is here to try and help each other. It is for knowledge/suggestions and ideas.

So if you can help then try. Even if it is just a suggestion to try something, you never know it might help or give others a better idea to solve the problem and get to that solution.

We are all constantly learning.

It never stops!


Yup! Jump in into as many threads as you want. I'm quite new to this too, but so far, I've seen that some people struggle to ask a question with all the necessary information and it's hard for me to understand what's the problem. However, some times other users understood that better and rephrase it, making finding a solution much faster for me.

Another case is when users make a suggestion. I may dismiss it because I have other priorities in mind, but if I see many users asking the same, I rethink about it and try to understand the problem.

TL;DR Jump in into as many threads as you want :-) Either asking questions (related) or answering questions. The idea is that this forum is like the Discord server, but better structured.