Still waiting for action pack 1. And can you give more info

eagleeyez 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 6

Still waiting for action pack 1. And can you give more info

I read this in one of your answers on the forum.

Unity version:
Game Creator version:

Action pack? What is it?

Oh ok, never heard before. But I don't think Marti can help you for this. It's an aset created by someone within the community.


Yep, sorry I didn't see this post. 

The Action Pack 1 is up and available, took 4 weeks to be approved :( Unity's work from home is a nightmare. 

But the Pack is good.

Create Random Actions, 3D Text, Move Objects with the mouse, and create cool Moving Platforms!!!!

2 x Drag to Move/Rotate Objects in 3D space - for moving stuff about in game

3 x Float/Move/Shake 3D Objects in worldspace - good for platforms, elevators, etc.

7 x 3D TextMesh Pro Actions such as rotate towards Camera - clocks, timers, in game text.

3 x Randomise Actions with probability and no repeat features - great for patrol, animations, unexpected events.

1 x Custom Timer Action to execute results - allows your player to be put under pressure.

1 x Navmesh Action with example usage - sometimes you just don’t want to use the navmesh.

BUT NOTE: This is NOT a Module and is just installed like a normal Asset. It will automatically add the Actions to your GC Dropdown in the Inspector.


I'm marking this thread as answered. Looking forward to this module too!