Sound Delay for Attack Sound?

EEYAN 4 months ago in Melee updated 4 months ago 2

I'm using the melee module, and was wondering if there was any way to add a delay for the attack sound? I could edit the files themselves either manually or with a python script, but before I do that, is there some way to already do that? Or perhaps add it in through editing the MeleeClip file itself?

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Hmm if there's a delay in the audio clip, I'd recommend editing the sound clip to tailor it to your animations. However, you can use the "On Execute" Actions list to add a "Wait" action, wait some milliseconds and then use the "Play Sound" action to reproduce the sound effect. Both ways will work just fine :-)

Thank you! At first I was just doing the execution action, but now I've decided to just modify the sounds with a quick script that adds silence at the beginning. Both work though!