FPS controller problems

Marcin Pytlak 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

Hi, I have a problem with FPS camera motor. When I look down I can see player's back, when I look up all Ia can see is hands obscuring the view. This is all in FPS shooter example scene when aiming. How do I set up FPS controller to work like in a proper FPS game?

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Thanks, I'll need to get fps animations then. Would you have a recommendation?

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The camera motor might be slightly offset. You'll need to play with the values until it works for your 3D model. In particular, select the FPS Camera Motor and change the Pivot Offset values.

You can enter play mode and play with these values and the camera will automatically update, so it should be fairly easy. Remember to copy down these values back when exiting play-mode.

Also, it's still an experimental feature, but at the end of the FPS camera motor there's the Model Manipulation control. You may want to play around with this too if the animations you're using are not made for first person.