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Officially Arabic support

JOON 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

Hi Marti

Actaully, it is not GC's problem. Unfortunately, Unity can't support Arabic strings to show correctly. therefore I need to install 3rd party assets to fix Arabic correctly.


Maybe, no one is insterested in Arabic support currently. but Arabic market has around 300,000,000 people. and it is around 3 times bigger than Koreans. (Korean market has only 80,000,000 people even I include North Koren people :P)

Anyway, I added some codes into DatabaseLocalization.GetText() like below. it is working pretty well without any problem. however, in my opinion, modifying source codes of framework is not good situations. so, I hope someday it can become offical support of GC

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Thanks Joon! Wasn't aware Arabic strings were not supported. The problem is that we cannot add this line of code to Game Creator because it depends on another package, and without it, it would throw a bunch of errors.

However, thanks for posting the solution! I'll redirect to this thread any users looking to localize their games to right-to-left reading languages.