Double Pressed for Key Down - LT / RT Input Trigger

Riccardo Provazza 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

Hi Marti, I really love GC, but I'm having some troubles with Joystick input.

Compared to mouse and keyboard, the joystick input mapping is a little bit limiting. I know that every joystick is different, but the main features would be enough at the moment. For example, I want to dash step back by double pressing JOYSTICK BUTTON 1 or I want to aim with the R Trigger and BLOCK with the L Trigger, but it seems impossible at the moment (or else with my personal skill). Would be possible to implement this feature? AXIS and DOUBLE KEY DOWN for input trigger?

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The problem is that Unity's Input system is a bit dated and requires some tweaking to make it work. However, should be fairly easy to do. Taking your example, if you want your character to be able to block using the "L1" Trigger from the Playstation controller, all you have to do is to check which button that is in the image you provided. In this case, it's the "Joystick Button 4".

Now, in the Melee example scene, expand the Player_Interactions game object and look for the Trigger_Block. This handles when the player will start or stop blocking.

You'll see there are two Triggers "On Mouse Down" and "On Mouse Up". Change them to "On Key Down" and select the "Joystick Button 4" as well as "On Key Up" with the same joystick button.

Voilá! It should work now. The same process applies to the rest of interactions.

It's a bit of work, and each controller has different input schemas, so you'll need to configure this for each platform you want to make your game for. However, I'd recommend sticking to one platform and, before releasing the game, make the necessary changes when building for different platforms.

This is something I look forward changing with the new Input System from Unity.