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Will ONeill 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by ryubi 4 months ago 10

Love Game Creator so far! This is my question: I appreciate that I can define the offset position for the 'Adventure Camera', but is there any way to also define the offset rotation? Or is that coming in a future update?

Would love to be able to have my camera above and behind my player but also tilted slightly downwards.

Or is there a way of doing it that I'm just not seeing?! Hope someone can help, thanks!

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Hi Will, thanks for your kind words :-)

Although I like the idea of having an offset angle (I'm opening a ticket to assess this), you can have an Adventure Camera tilted downwards by increasing the height of the camera. All cameras have a "Look at" property. Increasing/decreasing the value on the Y component will make the camera tilt up/down as you modify the focusing target.

Hope this helps!

Hi Marti,

Are you sure about this? I've taken a look again and don't see a "Look At" property on the Adventure Camera. If I switch to the Follow Camera, the Look At feature is there and it works great - but then I lose all the great features of the Adventure Camera. :)

I'll try to show you what I mean. Below, here's a screenshot that uses the 'Follow Camera' - as I adjust the Y Anchor Offset, you can see that the rotation transorm adjusts in keeping with the "Look At" defined. This is exactly what I want! 

However, when I switch to the 'Adventure Camera', this happens:

I'm adjusting the target offset of the "Y" again, but you can see that there is no rotation occuring in the actual transform. And the result as you can see in the game window is that the camera doesn't rotate to look down at the character, it just moves up.

Maybe the thing missing is just that 'Look At' feature that the Follow Camera has? It needs to be added to the Adventure Camera?

Hope this helps, or that you can tell me what I'm missing or not understanding! Thanks!

Also, one other thing because your original thought was to change the height of the actual camera - I tried that, and everything just snaps to the offset, which is why I went back to it. As far as I can tell the offset is all you can control here.

Apologies again if there is something I'm just not understanding here!


i'm also wondering about this.

i think i saw a script on this somewhere but can't find it.


Thanks Tvis! It seems like this is in the works for a major iteration down the line. Maybe I'll try to use the Follow Camera instead of the Adventure Camera for now...

Hi Will, you're right about there's no Look At in the Adventure Camera. It's called Target (sorry for the confusion).

However, you should be able to play with the Pivot Offset and Target Offset values to get what you want. I'd recommend entering play-mode and changing this values. You'll see the changes in realtime and will be much easier to tweak.

In particular, increasing the Y component in the Pivot Offset should give you what you're looking for. If that's not the case, please do let me know and I'll investigate this further!

Hey Marti! Sorry it took me a bit to get back to you.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Pivot Offset is working the way you intend it to, or at least not for me! I've made a video that I think should make this clear:


You'll see that both 'Target Offset' and 'Pivot Offset' do exactly the same thing when the Y axis is adjusted: They move the camera up. Neither compensates for that upward movement by then also rotating slightly downward to look at the Player. I'm thinking that this is what Pivot Offset is supposed to do, but as you'll see in the video, it does not.

Take a look at my other settings, though, and let me know if you see some other problem! Thanks!

Oh, and in that video I also then switch from Adventure Camera to Follow Camera to show an example of it working correctly. The Follow Camera and its 'Look At' feature tilts the camera properly. If you can make the Pivot Offset in the Adventure Camera work like that, that would be exactly what I am hoping for. :)

exact same problem here!

i hope there's an easy fix to this...