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activating and deactivating components does not work.

markusrgb 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 3 months ago 5

activating and deactivating components does not work.

i have already tested it on a simple cube.

Even if i call the function in an animation with a trigger it does not work.

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Ok, if I write "NavigationMarker" then it works. However, this is not obvious at first sight when the string of the component "Marker" is written.



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Yes it does work. Are you writing the name of the component correctly? For example put a trigger on a cube and set the trigger to key down space. then add an action enable component, drag the cube to the game object field tick the box so it will disable and in the component field write MeshRenderer.

Then when you press play and press space bar the cube will become invisible as you disable the mesh renderer.,

It doesn't work with "marker"

however I write it

I originally tested it with this.

in my special case i have already found out why it does not work in my animation ... there seems to be a problem with the Triggers.

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As far as I know, it does work. Would you mind sharing a screenshot of the Action you're using?

I've re-created this for you now:

Deactivating a marker component does not work. It also does not matter if the marker is directly attached to an object as a component or as a child object.

I have already tried all possible writing variants

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The Marker component is a shorthand name. The complete name is "Navigation Marker". I've checked this and works just fine.