Swapping Character Model

Carl Powell 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Tathunder 1 month ago 4

"Drop your 3D model"
I tried using my own character model without a rig, with a rig, with a rig and animations, it makes no difference. I cannot get the default model to change when I drag and drop it into the "drop 3d model" box. 
When I drop the model onto the box the mouse changes to the plus icon as if it can be dropped, but when I release the mouse nothing happens.
What exactly are the requirements to use a custom model? Does it need to be rigged? Does it need to have its own animations? Does it need to have no bones/rig whatsoever? The documentation seems to skip over the requirements to swap the character model. 

I noticed in the documentation it says, "...clicking the Change Model button..." however the gif below does not perform that action. Nor can I see a button anywhere that says change model.

In any case, I've tried all 3 and nothing is working.


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I think the issue was that the character prefab requires "rig > animation type > humanoid " for it to work. Perhaps you could update the documentation with that information to save someone hours in the future. :)


Definitely I will. When I write the documentation I tend to take things for granted. I've updated the docs to reflect this. Thanks for the heads up!


Thanks Carl for the tip! Spent the better part of 2-days trying to figure this one out. 5 minutes after reading this post, my Mixamo models are running around the environment!

So far, the only complaint with these assets is the documentation.

Did you make sure that an avatar was generated? I think I can get generic models to work with the change model action(although I think I experience other problems when using generic models) but I have to ensure that an avatar is generated.