The more I run, the more the camera shakes

Dornano 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

Hi !

I would like to increase the shaking effect when the player runs: the more he runs, the more the camera shakes.

And when he stops running, the camera very slowly go back to normal.

But I can't find a variable or some action to do that.

Any idea?

Thanks a lot !

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Thanks a lot !

With the Restart action, it just redoes the shaking action, without increasing it, but you showed me the way, I made this: when I run, I start shaking, then wait action, then shaking again with higher values, wait agin etc. like that with 4 levels of shaking. The transition between each is a bit aburpt, but largely enough for me. When I stop running, I cancel these actions + stop shaking.

Thanks again for your great help ! :D

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There's no "analogic" control to get the speed the player is moving (you'd require a custom Action for that). However, you can use a On Start Trigger that calls an Action doing the following:

Call Condition that uses the Sustain Shake action based on whether the character is idle, running or walking (use the Character Property condition).

Wait 0.25 seconds to remove stress from the system

Use the Restart Actions to endlessly loop this behavior.

Hope this helps!