Improved documentation for Simple Loading and Saving

GameUX 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

"For non-programmers this should be as easy as using the Load Game Action to load a previously saved game and the Save Game Action for saving it." 

If it were only that easy. Please improve documentation to clarify:

1) To load a previous saved scene, another scene needs to do that. As soon as load game is called, the current scene is reloaded, causing an endless loop 

2) In the saved scene, saved variables are available for use "on load" trigger, but not on "on start"

3) Anything else with loading and saving that is not obvious 

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I'll extend the documentation regarding the saving and loading. Thanks for clarifying the key points!

However, the first one is not exactly true. You can load a game from any scene. However, loading a game will always unload the current scenes and load the scenes from the previously saved game. You'll only encounter an endless loop if you try to "Load Game" from a On Start Trigger, but this is an expected behavior.