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How to adjust the IK of the foot

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I found some problems with the IK of the feet in the wrestling module. I want to ask how to adjust them? Forgive me for not understanding the model

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The wrestling module. That's new :-)

Regarding the issue, would you mind sharing a screenshot of the character being selected, so we can see the Capsule gizmo? I'm not sure if the problem is on the IK of the player or the terrain collider and this will help us narrow down the problem.

From the screenshot, it seems that he just raised his feet.

In this scene, I just created a terrain (increased ups and downs). Then copied the player settings in the Melee module demo


Hmm seems like spreading the legs wasn't a smart decision when creating the animations for the Melee module. I should have known that the IK would push legs up in the air, making the character look more like a spider.

Not sure if it will look better shortening the distance, but I'll see if I can work around this. It's not a top priority ticket, since it's just a visual anim, but nonetheless, I'll take a look!

thank you for your reply. If possible, I hope to know how to modify the IK of the foot?

Is it modified in unity or in other software?


I don't know if this solves your problem, I just remember the title of this tutorial.. 😂

Thank you for your reply. But this does not tell me how to adjust ik.