idle turn

ryubi 2 weeks ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 days ago 3


i can't get idle pivot to work.

i can't tell how the turn speed parameter is linked to the character movement.

i would think when the character is in idle mode, and the mouse pans around, the character would pivot,

but he just turns statically.

how would i go about implementing the turn speed?


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Angular Speed is the amount of angles per second the character can rotate. Try changing the value to something like 360 (an entire round in a second) and the Player input to "Tank Control".


how would i implement the turn pivot with a directional player input from a top down camera.

player is idle,

rotate the mouse around so the player turns

and i want to implement the pivot animation.


Chose the Input Directional for the Player Input and then, under Advanced Properties, where it says Face Direction, select Ground Plane Cursor. That should do it :-)