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Actions cloning with every trigger

dvr 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

this a 2D project with only one sprite

On click trigger is setup with one action to show a floating message

I can click on the sprite and every time I do, a message and action is cloned, and message (object) disappears after 2 sec, but Action object remain in scene. 

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Thanks.. never thought not saving a scene have this consequence

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By Design

There is an issue that, if you don't save a scene, the Actions work unexpectedly wrong. This is something we're looking forward to fixing, but the reason is because Unity doesn't allow us to distinguish between prefab objects and scene objects. So, what we do is to check the scene in which this Action is in. If there is no scene, we instantiate a copy of the Action before executing it.

I'm setting this thread as "By Design". We're actively looking for a solution, but so far the API provided by Unity is very limited to circumvent this issue. And the workaround is to simply save the scene, so it isn't really much of a problem.