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Make Inventory show Item Description?

Gem 4 months ago in Inventory updated by Done 3 months ago 4

So, I've noticed that the item description for an item does not seem to actually appear in the inventory window. I've checked using the adventure UI Skin and the RPG Advanced Skin just to be sure but unless I'm mistaken and have missed something it only seems to display the item description in the merchant/shop UI.

I'm wondering how difficult it would be to get it to show the item description when the mouse is over it, (similar to how the name pops up), as I think displaying item descriptions in the inventory screen is extremely important, especially for puzzle/mystery games.(ie a player may not understand that the weirdly shaped wooden object is a crank handle to use on a gate just by looking at the small icon, descriptions can be used to give hints as to its purpose) but as it is, it seems the only way to know what an item does is to hope you see it in a merchant screen or a storage container?

I tried to add the Item Description myself by experimenting a bit and copying over the game object of the item description from the merchant UI to the RPGItem Prefab and adding a component to have it activate on mouse highlight (just like the item name already does when you move the mouse over it). But it doesn't seem to be working, so now I'm wondering if maybe it isn't coded in to even display the item description at all? (I'm unfortunately not a coder and am just blindly trying to jam things together, so just guessing at why it doesn't work.)

As for how to make it fit in the inventory window, it fits quite nicely on the left of the Advanced RPG Skin without any changes at all (see the picture), but wouldn't be difficult to show on either top or bottom with a little resizing etc. Either way, the appearance isn't as important as getting it to appear at all.

So is it possible to show item descriptions in the inventory window?

Thank you in advance.

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It is possible to add item descriptions. You can easily do that by using the Item UI component from the "Item" prefab. You'll see there are two events: On Hover and On Exit.

By default, these are used to show/hide the name of the item when hovering over them with the mouse. However, you can do the same but using the name and description of the item.

However, the screen you show, has a floating window outside of the bounds of the UI element. This might be a bit more difficult to do, since it will require a component that is not attached to the item game object and is aware of the hovered element.

I'm opening a ticket and see if for the next update I can work out something.

Thank you very much, I'll be eagerly awaiting that!

Hello, I need this feature too. I will display name and description bellow inventory, something like Resident Evil 2 Remake inventory. But for doing this I will need to move out the text from the Item prefab.

A suggestion that may be simple: a way of setting the external text element's text with the item name/description (On Hover event).

I agree a Tooltip option for items would be great. Been trying to see what options there is. Like adding a Tooltip script to the RPGItem. Would still need to get data from the inventory database so would be great if it would be added in the future.