Launching player

Vagabond Animator 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 2

So I'm trying to launch the player backwards after he touches an enemy.

I thought using 'physics' action with physic force mode would do the job, but the player

loses hp but doesn't move in any direction.

I also tried the 'explosion' action but I had no reaction to that either.

On the other hand I used the 'Character Jump' action...which moved the player upward, but it added

a forward flip  to it...(which looked cool) but I can't adjust it in a more outward direction away from enemy or take flip out.

The 'Character Jump' worked well for trampolines but not for hit reaction...is there another trajectory action in GC or I'm I using the physics wrong?

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You could use change state and play an animation clip to fall back. The Melee module does something like this. You just need a clip with root animation, meaning the character won't play the animation in place, but move backwards. 

I use change state for this all the time and for me it works well. Might be worth a look, as you seem to have tried everything else. Hope it helps.


Characters are not physic-based, so the best bet is using a root-motion authored animation using the Melee module, as Paul mentions.