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Adventure camera - wall clipping does not work correctly if pivot offset X is not 0

mirec313 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Cr4shBarcode 1 month ago 6

Hi, I am using adventure camera, with Pivot offset sets to X: -0.65 Y:0  Z:0 and I have a problem with wall clipping. It looks like it ignore X offset value and wall clipping works incorrectly. If I sets offset X to a 0 then it works fine.

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Not a bug

Most likely you need the change the zoom settings. The camera won't zoom any further than the "min zoom" property field. Try changing the value to 0.1 or so

Hi, Thanks for answer, but this is not a problem with zoom limits.

Problem is that even though pivot offset is not 0, then wall clipping works like there is no offsets - wall clipping used original camera position - before the offset is applied.

This results that wall clipping works, but not in the correct moment. In the first video there is no pivot offset, in the second is pivot offset x: -0.6 (Wall clipping radius is 0 - it's better to see)

Than you

Under review

Right, I'm opening a ticket and have a look at this. Looks like the Raycast is being cased from the original position instead of taking into account the offset. Thanks!

I am having the same issues. Having hard times trying to tune wall clipping, tried all kinds of numbers but it keeps showing other side of walls mainly on the right side of the player (I have X = "-0.3"). Now that I saw this topic, I guess this is also because I have different Pivot Offset.

Lucas, can you make sure you're using the latest Game Creator version? I forgot to update this ticket, but I changed part of the code that handled wall clipping on the last update.

Does anyone know if this has been updated? I’m having the same problem. My adventure cam sits close over the Player’s shoulder, and whenever the cam hits a wall, or the floor, it goes right through it. Ruins the immersion, lol