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hello folks!

Im just wondering how should i set an animation at the player character. There is an default animation for the player character ( Character@jumprun) and i would like to set that if the character runs and when i press the space, then character jump like character@jumprun animation.

Im newbie :D

I thank you in advance for your reply.


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I presume that the W key normally does walk, but when you have the space key down AND W key, you want the character to run.  If so, you can do this by setting you player to walk (uncheck can run). The Character will walk with W key. Then add a Trigger to you scene, on key down (space) Action/Character Properties, can run. And another, on key up (space), Action/Character Properties, Can run off.

You can also achieve this with a Bool toggle, but the above is probably simpler.

However, may I just point out, that normally in Game, Space is always Jump, and Run is usually W key down AND Left Shift Key Down. So you do the Above, but with Left Shift and not space. 

Unless you have a good reason for doing it with Space, I would suggest that you don't try and teach Gamers a new way of control, as this is always a bad selling point for games. Just a friendly suggestion. 

Hope this helps.

Prof Pivec! thanks for helping !

But i mean i want to swap the default jump animation to another jump animation, when the character run and i hit space.

I found a jump animation at the character. I attached a photo. look pls

ps.: if you misunderstood , sorry! my english is not very well .


Oh Okay, sorry I misunderstood. You change it in the Locomotion of the player Character. 

However, it is best that you create a new Locomotion of your own (copy and rename), change the jump animation, and add that to the player character animator. That way when you upgrade GC, you won't lose it.


Not sure I understood it correctly, but you can use a custom Character State to change the default jump animation too, which is far easier than creating an Animator.


Could you please elaborate further on how to do this?

For example I just want to swop out the idle jump with a different animation.

-So I make an asset frim create/gamecreator/Characters/LocomotionState

-I then override the jump Idle with my own.

-In the scene I make a new trigger onStart and use the action Character default state and add my state but in play nothing changes.

# And please explain what the difference is on simple state, locomotion state and advanced state.

Even a short video on this would be great.

So this is all about swapping out the standard animations.


Hi Marti, really need you help here. Even when I duplicate for example state drunk it becomes drunk1 but does not show up in set default state when clicking the selector, only the original drunk.

I need to know how to have my own jump animation in a default state.


OK, all sorted out now. I just had to disable can jump on the controller and then use a trigger on key down space to activate a gesture and not a state. Now I know how to work with states and gestures but I think you need another more example based video on this topic as the one you have is too basic.

And a hell of a lot can be done with states and gestures and also show how to use and intergrate other animators. 

Thanks Marti, you're the best.

good to read that im not alone. The tutorial video would be very great , thanks guys for helping!

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Hey Eagleeyz. The jump made from the default input control of the player should work just fine using a custom state. Make sure you've set the Character State in the "3D Model" section, in the Character Animator component.

If that's the case, it may be a bug, but I don't see any reason why the jump would work using the Jump Action and not the Player's default jump input (it all pipes down to the same function).