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modules with independencivity, that is What I want from GC 2.0

JOON 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 1

First, before I say about what I want, I want to say GC is amazing tool for improving productivity for developing game.

I think the main concept of GC 2.0 is 3D Action games with FPS, TPS or Top-down game. but the high functional modules such as dialogs, inventory, stats, behaviors or other things can be used for other genres.

for example, if someone wants to make 2D rpg game and he also wants to use several functions from GC. maybe Marti can help him to modify concept of GC little bit.

I think 3D is not necessary for Inventory & stats modules. maybe they can use for 2d games. In other words, If some modules can use itself with independencivity. maybe Marti can offer great(or better) productivity with the options which are able to turn-on or turn-off each basic functions. I saw several requests about Unity Input System instead of GC inputs. I wish GC 2.0 can turn off it's locomotion when developers want others.

the title is independencivity. :) but I want to talk about the dependencivity.

current modules of the GC 1.0 are totally independent from other modules. because of this, Item couldn't have its attirbutes. of course you can add some stats such as dex with onEquip & onUnEquip Actions. :) but I think just adding +35 to Dex is more Intuitive for this. 

so my suggestion is the stats module needs to become basic function of GC 2.0 How Character doesn't have any attributes such as HP / Energy or others :P  then other modules can use attributes of stats easier than current version.

and the inventory module, I think it need to be seperated little bit like below

Inventory Module(for GC 1.0) => items & Equipment(Basic module for GC 2.0) + Store module + bags & Chests

because the melee & shooter modules are independant from inventory module, when player equiped item, developer needs to attach weapons on his hands. there are somethings which has similar concepts such as "Equipment & Attachment" and "Items & Weapons(Melee weapons & Shooter Weapons)" GC 2.0 needs to integrate thes things which have simiar concepts as "one united concept"

of course, we can get what we want with setting on triggers & actions. but currently, developer needs to set triggers & actions for every items & weapons. I think some repeatable settings can become automation in the background codes with changing it's dependency little bit 

Expension Modules

Melee & Shooters : can access to information of items, and damage system of stats  




Skills: if character can get new skills when character achief levels, it needs to access information of stats

           or if developer wants to make skill books, it needs to access item modules.

(and others)

Basic Modules of GC2.0 (and I wish these modules can be activated or disactivated)

Locomotion / Camera / Trigger & Conditions & Actions / Stats / Item & Equipment / Variables 

I wish you can understand there are several points of the dependency between each modules. :) and it sounds weird :P I want it can have "independencivity with dependency :P). for example, I want to turn on "stats & items & shops & skills" only for 2D rpg games. and between these modules they have Organic and close relationship to flow automatically in the background :)

Thanks for reading :)

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Hi Joon; Thank you very much for these ideas. Some of them have already been on air for a while and explored for the next version. So far the results are very promising, although we need to further test them.

Without getting too much into detail, we are aiming to have GC work on both 2D and 3D scenarios for the next major iteration, as well as provide a system to easily change the character controller.

However, this last point is a bit tricky to get right: Game Creator characters have portions of code that are unique, which allow to have things like Gestures, States and interact with the environment using Actions like "Move Character To". We aim to provide support for third-party character controllers, but custom Actions for each sub-system will be required.

Regarding integrating modules, this is something that's still being discussed. I don't think it would be wise to merge Inventory and Stats, since these two systems are meant for different things. However, we're working on adding tools that will more tightly couple functionality and symbiotically support each module.