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Adventure Camera Default Angle

Matthew Bockholt 4 months ago in Game Creator updated 4 weeks ago 6

I would love to be able to set the default camera angles (X, Y, Z) for the Adventure Camera mode. Then when I change the Orbit Sensitivity to 0 on an axis, it stays put, but can still orbit around the player, zoom-in and out, which other camera options, such as Follow, do not allow. Thanks!

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I did manage to get the rotation changed using the Camera Rotate action, but the trick is to wait a couple of seconds after starting the game before you set the rotation, so that the Camera Motor can start working first. Thanks!

i'm trying to do the same thing but can't do it! how did you do it? where did you apply the rotation action and did you use the trigger?

For my camera, I wanted a top-down, slightly tilted view, but without the ability to rotate the camera up or down. Here are the relevant settings I used on the Camera Motor:

1: Adventure Camera

2: Target: Player

3: Allow Orbit Input: Yes (this is a checkbox, make sure it is checked)

4: Sensitivity: X=5, Y=0

You can set up the other values however you want for the feel you like. Now, to make sure you get the top-down view, you have to set the rotation after the game has started. For that, you do need a Trigger.

Here is how I set up the Trigger and the Action it calls.

Trigger: On Start


1: Wait 1 second (up this if 1 doesn't work, I'm using 1 second)

2: Change Camera Motor camera Rotation:

          Pitch: -60

          Yaw: 0

I will attach screenshots in case those help. Good luck!

Under review

This would require changing the whole motor structure, since the Adventure Camera has a set of features not available on the other motors. I'll look into it for our next major iteration though.

I appreciate the consideration. It is possible to get the same result without it, however, as I described in my own reply, so I wouldn't want it to take up time from other features that do not have workarounds if it proves to be much work. Thanks!

No problem :-) Despite this, I'm leaving this ticket as Under Review for the major iteration version (so it will stay like this for a good while).