Show joystick for play mode of Unity Editor

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Hi, Marti

currently I try to make this game with GC. :) i hope I can make it well as what I want 

Anyway for mobile platform, I had needed to set joystick like above image. According to your joystick.cs or joystickmanager.cs (sorry I cant remember it's name well). I can force to show joystick on the screen with change one bool variable from false to true.

So, if there are one option to force to show joystick on the screen (perhaps you can add one check box on the preferences of Game creator) it will be cool to use

and i hope GC can offer more useful touchpad not only joystick but also buttons which can match with keycodes. :)

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In TouchStick Manager, if you can code, you set public static bool FORCE_USAGE = false; to true.

If you are not comfortable with coding, you need the Accessibility Module, which has an Action to show, move, and customise the touchstick.

The configurable touchstick with this model also has walk/run options depending on how far you move the stick.

thanks for your answer :)

yeah, actually that's what I did to force touchsick keep showing.

but I think "modifying original source codes" is not good situations to use framework. (even if I change the value simply). I wish someday developer can manage about touchsticks at the preferences windows of GC. :) 

Under review

It's not a top priority, but I'll see what I can do about it


I've added a new option on the General tab under Preferences to display the touchstick in the Editor. This will be available in the upcoming version, so I'm closing this thread. Cheers!