intergation with other engines

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I am trying to integrate this with Corgi or Rex. I bought Game creator as well as those engines. Does it integrate well with these engines? If not normally. I was also considering just making majority of the game in game creator, and then making some scenes with Corgi or Rex. Because I do like those engines as well. They have neat features for powerups and such. Also great with 2d games. My game switches from 2d and 3d. somewhat like Sonic unleashed https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9DKUNHF7VtE

And also has some beat em up elements like


Now what I am looking to create is a beat em up platformer. Views and gameplay has slight changes according to what I feel would be best in the current part of the game. To give the players the best possible experience
I have already bought all of the modules,

Would also like to have some boss fights like on powerstone


I don't mind a little coding as long as it's not too much

GC has melee module,  but I am not sure it is fit or not with what you want. :) It can make similar scene like what you show. But it is more similar than GTA or assassin's creed or elder scroll skyrim 

Thanks, I was curious of whether or not I could do something like that with it. I have the melee module. I am just learning it. I will try to modify it.

i bought also corgi engine when Unity assetstore offered 50% discount :) Integration between different engines (or frameworks, or whatever we called) is a great idea. But you can understand the chances of the conflicts between them.

for the 2d(or 2.5d) scenes as plaformer games, I recommend to use corgi engine or other frameworks which focus on platformer games. And another 3d scene can use Game creator.

one of the important points is the sharing game data between different system (between GC and Corgi), maybe you can use VariableManager of GC to integrate two different system.

but you need to understand what the Game creator focuses on. It is focusing on the FPS or TPS or Top-down game. Maybe you need to modify basic logics of locomotions as 3d arcade game like sonic. 

You show me Sonic, but GC is more familiar with GTA or Tomb Raiders than sonic.

May I give an idea for you? 

Maybe you can set main scene with corgi engine like Shante half genie as battle scene. And you can use Game creator for your town scene to offer inn & store system and quest and dialogues.  

Anyway I wish you can find good Integration way :) cheers

Thanks I was thinking of something like that. The sonic was more to show how it changes from 3d to 2.5d with camera's back and forth. The gameplay would be more like a Shenmue/Zelda and powerstone/streets of rage mixed together (not nearly as fast as sonic). Thank you very much. Yes I was having a lot of issues trying to get things compatible with each other.  My main concern was sharing data or branching the two different scenes by different engines. Thanks again.

welcome :)

I am glad to hear I could help you well. anyway, you can control Variables of GC by using VariableManager in C# Scripts. you can control "global & local variables of GC" with him.