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I am having difficulty getting the player controls correct with the keyboard. Currently, my player is very hard to control when turning. If I set the Angular Speed too low (<20), the player makes wide slow strafes that take forever to turn in a direction and incredibly slow to turn completely around (even when barely moving); however, if I set the Angular Speed anything above that, the turn controls are too sensitive (i.e. if I tap “a” the player instantly turns in a sharp angle making it impossible to choose a distant target and run a straight line. How do I fix this issue? I would like the player to be able to completely turn around 180 without moving forward when standing still just by holding “a” but I would also like the player to be able to tap “a” while running and only barely turn making it possible to pick a distant location and move to it. I am looking to lower the key press sensitivity while keeping a quick angular speed. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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I'll make an educated guess that you're using the Input Directional control, not the Tank Controls. This is something it went through when designing the control scheme: Should the character rotate towards the input direction completely, even if the character has stopped moving or stop at mid-way when the button is stopped being pressed?

Every game handles this differently and we opted for the second option. Not sure if you're willing to change how a character is controlled, but if you want fine gran control over the direction it's facing, you could try using the Tank Control input, or even change the Face Direction so it follows a target.


Thank you! The Tank Control Input is exactly what I was looking for.