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Rotation location bug?

contact 4 months ago in Game Creator updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 4 months ago 4

Example explaining what is the problem, what is going on?

I want to animate an Horsecar facing towards an church.

So I look at the Gameobject rotation position Y  that makes the horse facing the church - this number is ''100 Y'' and I type it in the ''Game Creator Action Rotate Movement Y''. It works the first time. Then I want to add an new rotation, after rearranging the horsecar but suddenly the 100 for facing towards the church now is 157, first it was 100 ? It is impossible to animate if the rotation Y keeps changing every time.

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This means the Rotation X Y & Z, changes after some arrangements of that game object, it keeps resetting it's own location and creating new calculations upon where it is placed in the editor. I hope I this is an easy solve. 

I just found out that If I keep spinning an object the rotation Y keeps going up. Why is it doing this? I probably read the data wrong? Every new rotation means an new facing number from that specific position? How to have an gameobject have only 360 rotation degree with static position numbers for animating ?

Ok, It is not an Bug. I am watching the whole animation proces by using the life movement during play, and retouch every position from there. I now understand how it works. But, it is not an easy way of animating objects but it works for the few things I have in my mind for now.

Not a bug

Just an additional note, you can choose the transform from which you want to apply the rotation. If you set it to Self space, it will change the rotation based on the rotation of its parent.

For example, if you have an object A rotated 90 degrees with an object B set as its child, if you set the rotation of B in Self Space to 45, you'll get 45 + 90 (parent's rotation).

However, setting the space to World, will ignore the parent's rotation.