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Character with Animator.Update Mode: "Animate Physics" instead of "Normal"

Einar 4 months ago in Game Creator updated 4 months ago 3

Hi, this is a (possibly noobish) question regarding the animations for a Game Creator character. When trying to integrate with other systems that drive animations, some of them default to using Update Mode "Animate Physics" instead of "Normal". When I make this change on the GC Player Animator component, the animations stop working altogether for the character.

Is there an easy way to get this to work? Some animator property somewhere, something in the GC code that can be moved to FixedUpdate, something like this? I understand that this very likely not a bug, and is probably tightly coupled with how GC manages animations, but I would very much like to know how I can (possibly) circumvent this in my specific use case.

It's not a problem if it breaks other features of GC, I'm only using it for a character when in mounted state, and I can handle any hacks I need to apply. But I need a nudge towards where to start looking to get the GC animations playing with Animate Physics update mode in the first place.

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I'm not sure this is viable. Despite this, it's a bit surprising that other packages require animations to run in sync with the physic's clock. Animations run on the main thread, and that's where these should be computed.

I wouldn't dare to say it's not possible, but since it hasn't been programmed to account for this, I'm unsure whether it's feasible or whether there will be any side effects.

Could you share a bit more info on what you're trying to do? So I get more context

Yeah, the use case is very specific, I am integrating with Horse Animset Pro 4, and that package really prefers the Update Mode to be Animate Physics with Interpolate. If not, a lot of the physics collision stuff spazzes out for that controller. I've made an (elaborate) workaround, but it got me thinking that there maybe was a simpler solution somewhere.

If it's not easily feasable to get the animations to work in that mode when in mounted state, I will just continue to use a separate model and swap back and forth between them.

As an additional note, what HAP4 does is that it creates a new animation layer on the existing character. When this is done on a generic humanoid model with animator and animation controller the animations play fine. When done on the Game Creator Character they refuse to play in Animate Physics state, it seems that something GC does prevents them from playing.

But since this clearly is a case of the animation approach in GC clashing with the approach used in HAP4, I don't expect a solution.