Control Adventure Camera with right joystick?

Dornano 5 months ago in Game Creator updated 2 months ago 7

Sorry, this may be an obvious question but... how can I control my orbit Adventure Camera with the right joystick of a gamepad?

In the Input Manager, "Mouse X" and "Mouse Y" refers to the mouse control of the camera, right? But when I change that for the 4th and 5th axis joystick, it doesn't work.

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This really depends on the game pad you're using and which platform you're developing for (PC, Mac, ...). Try googling the input schema for your particular gamepad and the OS you're using and it will tell you which joystick values correspond to which.

Yes, I know which input value I must use (4th and 5th axis of a Xbox controller for PC), it just doesn't work when I put in in the input manager, like on the screenshot, and I don't know why...

Make sure you don't have the new Input System enabled, overriding the default one values. This is done in the Project Settings window.

Indeed, the new Input System was such a trap, haha. ^^; I downloaded it, and realized that nothing was working anymore, and I couldn't even delete the new input system.

So I had to move my project on another clean project, and now I work with the old system only.

I really must be dumb or something, but I tried all the joystick axis and none of them works...

Does anyone made a 3rd person game with the camera controlled by the left joystick of a gamepad?

In case anyone else needed help with this.

Note: This setup is for PC with an XBOX compatible GamePad.

Edit > Project Settings > Input Manager.
Right Click and Duplicate Mouse X and Mouse Y. Configure it like the image below.

Here is the mappings for Mac, Linux, & PC for XBOX.


Hope this helps somebody.

Thank you so much robsdroid215 for this complete answer !

Well, it still doesn't work on my side, but now I understand why: I use an Adventure camera but which orbits only when I *hold* left click.

Indeed the right stick works only when I set the orbit camera on "Mouse move".

Any idea to fix this? ^^"