Melee+Behavior Modules: How can I match AI defensive combos to respond to Player attack combos

Ben 5 months ago in Melee updated by Marti (Lead Developer) 5 months ago 3

I recently purchased your complete set of GC with all modules. I would like to be able to have AI characters with a behavior tree respond to player attacks with specific defensive combos or block animations. For example, if the player attacks with a sword by slashing down from high center, I would like the AI character to be able to respond with an appropriate blocking animation. I think the easiest way to do this would be for the AI to be able to know which Combo attack the player (or another AI character) is using, then the AI behavior tree could determine the correct combo to respond with. Would it be possible to add a conditional If Player A inputs melee attack ___ . then the AI could input melee attack ___ in response.

An alternative would be to add another Add Action option to the Melee Clip labelled On Block or If Block that would then if enable the AI character to execute a specific blocking animation that matches the attacking animation.

Or if you have thought of simpler way for the AI character to execute a specific response animation that better matches the attacking animation (not just the one allowable block animation), please implement it.

Overall very pleased with your products.

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We thought about allowing this during the pre-production of the Melee module. However, this added a lot of complexity, since it would require to sync both player and enemy animations. Apart from this, because GC uses animation retargeting (same animation can be used throughout multiple characters of different sizes and/or shapes), it wouldn't look good if the same attack was performed by both an enemy that is 1m high and another one that is 5m high.

We'd have to provide a matrix of characters and which animations to play depending on which. Since that was giving a LOT of work to users using Game Creator + Melee module, we discarded the option and allowed to play simple and random animation clips of characters being hit.

Hope this makes sense :-)

Thanks for responding. Overall, I think you have put together a great set of assets.